Swimcell Waterproof Tablet Holder

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  • PREMIUM QUALITY. SwimCell isn’t as cheap as other products because we use the best quality materials ensuring our waterproof cover is durable and enjoyable to use. Our SwimCell bag is soft to feel and very easy to use unlike many other cases on the market. We have 2 sizes available for tablets and 2 for phones.
  • FULL CLEAR WINDOWS FRONT AND BACK allowing you full use of your tablet or camera inside the waterproof bag. Watch movies in the bath, listen to music in the shower, read on the beach. Browse the internet, take photos and video from the front or back camera and even underwater or simply use to protect things from getting wet!
  • HAND TESTED 20M UNDERWATER before packing. SwimCell is certified with rating IPX8, the highest waterproof standard meaning you can fully submerge your SwimCell and contents underwater giving you total protection from water, sand, dirt, dust. The perfect waterproof pouch for your holiday and adventures.
  • PATENTED TWIST LOCK CLAMP. Our special clamp is very easy to use with 2 or 3 twist lock wheels. There aren’t any parts that can snap or break off like other bags and there are no fiddly, unreliable zip locks to seal. This is easy to use in the rain, on the beach, swimming or at home.
  • CUSTOM MADE LANYARD. We’ve custom made our lanyard making it extendible so you can wear it around your neck, chest or waist. It won’t dig in or scratch like other lanyards do. It has 2 strong, quick release clips too!