Low Profile Kayak Anchor Wizard

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Here is the Low profile Kayak Anchor Wizard! This is the original kayak anchor wizards little brother; made of light weight plastic and strong bearings, the Low profile Kayak Anchor Wizard makes a great accessory to any Kayak. Windy days, or strong current the kayak anchor wizard will hold strong. The Anchor Wizard Kayak Anchoring System is a complete kayak anchor system with a revolutionary spool design to contain up to 45 feet of 1/8" anchor line. Turn the handle backward to drop your anchor in a free-spool release. A simple forward crank of the handle in the clockwise direction will lock the spool and keep you anchored in place while you fish away without fighting the wind or current! Watch the video for an easy tutorial.

• Designed to make anchor line management simple and effective
• Holds and comes with 45 ft of 1/8" Rope
• Can be mounted to tracks with included additional hardware
• Made of Precision Cast 319 Aluminum - works in fresh and saltwater
• Cranks up to 10lbs
Item #: 25449
Length: 5.5 in / 13.97 cm
Width: 4.25 in / 10.8 cm
Material: Cast 319 Aluminum
Made in: USA 
Size/Color Part Number
Black - Low Profile AW-KY545