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Accent Paddles - Air Paddle

  • $199.99

Have you ever wanted to float on a pillow of clouds in the ever warming glow of the sun? Uhh, well, Ok. We can't help you with that but we can help you with a super lightweight paddle. Close your eyes while you paddle and the Accent Air Paddle might make you feel like you're floating.

The Accent Air, at 24 oz, is the lightest injection molded paddle in the world. The Air is made with a high strength-to-weight ratio carbon shaft and a proprietary resin material in the blades. The advanced blade design incorporates the perfect amount of dihedral angle promoting balance and efficiency in the water.

Blade Material - APX
Surface Area - 558 sq cm
Blade Area - 6.4″ x 17.25″ (16.3cm x 43.8cm)
Weight - 24 oz (680g)


  • Featherweight 24oz for all day paddling
  • Two piece snap button allowing the ferrule angles 0 and 60 Left or Right
  • Perfect amount of dihedral blade angle for efficient paddling


Length: 230cm
Blade Material: Reinforced polypropylene
Shaft Material: Carbon fiber
Weight: 24 ounces

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