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My kayaking passion is ocean rock gardening (ducking in and out of the rocks and waves). So for me the true test for a kayak is how does it handle dynamic water in close with the rocks. Swell was 4.5 feet at 18 seconds today so it made for some challenging conditions, some waves 6-7 feet, perfect for putting the Jackson Kayak Journey to the test.At 14 feet and 24.5 inches wide the Journey is a short sea kayak, but it tracks very well and has enough speed to keep up with your friends. It can also hold enough gear...

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A few of our team members and friends paddle the Profish Reload. They all love them! Lightweight, fast, stable, and loaded with features the Viking Profish Reload is definitely worth a look when deciding on your next kayak. Here is a walk through video from Viking Kayaks:

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